Thursday, March 4, 2010

G is for a Googleing Goddess

I am going to be participating in Alphabe Thursday from now on!  Click on over to  Jenny's blog to learn more and join in on the fun!

This weeks letter is G.

I instantly knew what I was going to post about!

I am a self proclaimed Googleing Goddess!

Whenever I have a question no batter how big, small, or embarrassing I have my trusty professor  to go to, GOOGLE!
I seriously don't know what people did before the internet came along!

Is it weird that I type in random letters and words to see what people have searched? Believe me theres some weird stuff that people search, quite disturbing actually!
This is what came up when I typed in why does...
Why does my eye twitch?
Why does my poop float?
Why does my belly button smell?
Why does my dog eat poop?

Keep in mind this is the exact order they were in too! Whats up with poop?
Weird People, very weird, and I thought I googled weird stuff!

Go check out what else people have searched, come on, you know you want to!
This googleing goddess is signing off for now!
Happy Thursday to you!


  1. What we do without Google? We have grown so accustomed to looking everything up on it!

  2. I use google like a crystal ball lol . I also use google reader, google docs, g-mail, google chrome. yup and normally if I wanted to research something .

  3. I love this post!

    And welcome to Alphabe-Thursday.

    We have some amazing posts this week!

    I put the Google analytics on my blog and it drives me crazy. Sometimes too much knowledge is too much knowledge!


  4. Reference book (ancient)or google (practically limitless)? Is there really any choice? In fact you can probably locate that ancient text on google books. And all the questions that can be asked. Fun post.

  5. REally....was there life before Google?! LOL

  6. I love google too but I think its made me way too lazy LOL.

  7. Ha! Love your post! Google is the bomb!

  8. I love the Google ... i use it all of the time ... it's the best!