Friday, April 30, 2010

Four Facts for Planting Chums

4 - Four Fridays of CONNECTIONS (forging friendships)

 I found out about Planting chums while I was reading  Carissas blog, check her out shes simply lovely. Hopefully I will win one of the fabulous giveways! I have my eye on the necklaces, I am in desperate need of some cute jewelry to liven up my wardrope of nothing but solid colored shirts.  

Alright so here are 4 random facts about me!
1. I got a cavity filled this week and didn't get numbed up! I bragged to everyone for the rest of the day like I had just accomplished some major thing, haha not really! The dentist said that it wasn't a bad one and so he thought I would probably be okay without  those stinkin' shots that numb half of my face for 3 or 4 hours. I am so glad I stuck it out, it never really "hurt" it was just a really cold sensation. Plus it saved us some money.

2. I have been running  5 days a week for a month and a half now, I can tell that I have lost weight by the way my clothes fit but I still have not bought a scale, haha!

3. I accidentally scratched Madison's face this morning, I reached over to grab a bottle of cleaner from her and she jerked away and my fingernail scratched  her little cheek. I cried with her I felt so bad!

4. I have been drinking a smoothie every morning for the past week that consists of, 2 handfuls of spinach, strawberries and/or blueberries, a few ice cubes and orange juice. It is suprisingly good and it keeps me filled until lunch.

Have a great weekend everyone!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Last weekend I FINALLY took some pictures of Madi!
I have been busy taking everyone elses pictures (more on that later) and my pitiful sweet girl hadn't been inside my camera for a while.
So with some help from my lovely assistant Eric(he hates when I call him my assistant, so I do it all of the time...haha), Madison took a little trip in her wagon to a nicely lit area at our apartments so I could shoot away.
You see I had this whole "vision" of  her in a cute outfit and bubbles all around, but unfortunatley the big thing of bubbles I bought were spilled and what did they happen to spill on Madis cute outfit. 
Just part of everday life with an almost 20 month old little angel...hehe!
Everything worked out in the end, she still looked cute (of course) and I got some cute pictures of her with just a few bubbles lol. Here are a few of my favorites.
her hair is getting more red the more she is in the sun. It is so fine and curly, which is funny because Eric has the worlds thickest hair and my hair is pretty thick too, but not like it used to be thanks to getting pregnant and the weird changes that come along with that like loosing the wave that you thought you hated in your hair but now you would kill to get that nice bounce back.
 Maybe this is just me ?!
alright moving on now.....

By the way the tutu was $7 at TJMaxx, and a size 4 but hey thats what safety pins are for.
This my most favorite picture of these two together, they were having so much fun!
Notice the one bubble, haha! Madison was dancing like Dewda (dora the explorer)

I'm going to go dance to the Black eyed Peas with my little rockstar! Have a good day everyone!!!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Springtime in my kitchen!

Here are a few things that I am loving right now, along with the beautiful weather that we have been having!

Simply Rasberry Lemonade- Madi loves this stuff and so do I! They make really good popsicles as well.

I got the Crate & Barrel catalog in the mail and on the cover was this adorable lemonade stand and glasses. But heres the thing, I am not paying $50 for the stand so I have been searching like crazy for a similar one for a better price.
Why, you may ask, for Madison's birthday, which is in September, hah!
Hey, there is nothing wrong with an early start! Right??

Alright, enough about lemons.....
I am also looking for a couple of cute cupcake stands for Madison's birthday. I think that I am going to buy 2 of these. I like the wymsical look of them.

Starbucks coffee- This is how Eric and I start off every morning, if we haven't watch out , because without our cup of morning joe, lets just say we are not the friendliest people.
right now we are drinking caffe verona, we like it strong!

I am so glad that I spotted these too cool snacks for Madison at Harris teeter. They are materna GoGo squeez applesauce, you don't have to worry about a bowl and spoon for these babies. They come in these little packets with a top so if she doesn't finish her yummy applesauce I can just stick it in the fridge for later. They come in different yummy flavors, right now we have applestrawberry.
 But wait here is the best part, the ingredients are apple and apple juice concentrate and thats all folks!

and my last love Trader Joes! Oh how I love going in there and discovering new and healthy goodies each time. I am loving the guilt-less tortilla chips and hot smoky chipotle salsa. Major yum for me and the hubby!

What are some things you are loving this spring?

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Weekend

We had such a great Easter this year, I know that I will never forget this past weekend! We went to my mom and her boyfriend Will's (they have been together for around 7 years) house on Lake Gaston. My brother and his sweet and spunky girlfriend Taylor came as well. I do not know the last time we all stayed together and just hung out around the house and talked. We went for boat rides and made cupcakes and danced to reggae music (oh yeah) and of course we watched Duke play on Saturday night!
My husband is sooo happy they won the championship! He has even got Madison saying "Go Duke"  and I have to admit its pretty darn cute.
Sorry I get off topic very easily, now where was I...
 Madison had so much fun, she had a smile on her face the whole time. Living in an apartment their isn't really anywhere for her to run and play outside, I take her to the park of course, but at the lakehouse my little lady can run and run and run as much as she wants and boy did she.
The only problem we had with her was she did not want to take her naps. The only time she took a nap was on a boat ride Sunday morning in her daddys arms, and then she fell asleep in the hammock swing with my grandma.
Madi asleep on the boat

 My grandparents and Will's mom came on Sunday to eat lunch and have our second annual easter egg hunt. Madi had a lot of fun finding her eggs, she even  found the silver egg with ten dollars in it, everyone else including myself were looking everywhere for it, haha go figure.

Here are a bunch of pictures from our weekend.

Madi in her tutu bathing suit that the Easter bunny brought her.I put the bathing suit on her to try to distract her from Eric taking all of her chocolate out, that is all she wanted to do was eat chocolate but who can blame her!

I love him
My brother Cameron
Taylor and Madi

All of us on Easter Sunday, I should have set the tripod up closer to everyone because I had to hurry to get in the picture before the time was up.
This is my grandpa "papa" and Eric being silly during the easter egg hunt.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!