Thursday, December 31, 2009

Our Christmas part 1

Let me start by saying we had a wonderful Christmas this year.
Our first get together was the weekend before Christmas at my great-grandparents  house. We have always got together the weekend before to celebrate. We had a great time, except for Madi's meltdown as soon as we walked in the door which was pretty...... well horrible but she got over it after about 30 minutes and was little miss personalitythe rest of the night!
We play dirty santa every year, if you haven't ever played it is a lot of fun for everyone. This year I got a bottle of Duplin Christmas wine yum yum ( it is made a couple hours away here in NC and a longtime family favorite) and a bag of chocolate covered pecans and a bag of toffee popcorn major yum! My husband on the other hand got stuck with a little serving bowl with carolers on it (haha) but it was okay because I shared with him.
Here are a series of  pictures...

                                            Part of the Family playing dirty santa               


                                                   My little Madi Bean looking tired!

Madi's little cousin Garland isn't he Handsome! It is so fun to see them playing together this year, last year they were so little!

Madi's other handsome cousin Hunter!

This is my great-grandpa (papa) and my step-great-grandma, they have only been married 3 years but you can just tell when they look at each other how in love they are! They are the rocks of our family and cute to boot haha!

My little brother Cameron and his sweet girlfriend Taylor. Cameron is a senior this year, I still can't believe it!

My mom and my basically stepdad Will, I don't think they will ever get married but they have been dating for like 7 years! Aren't they a cute couple!

and last but not least, this is a picture of the increibly cute bear that my great aunt Shelly made for Madi! This is by far Eric and I's favorite gift that Madi received this year. Isn't it adorable? Madi just loves it, she hugs it, kisses it, and wraps it up in her blankies!
Shelly made the boys footballs that were just as cute but of course I forgot to take a picture of them!

Lots more to come  from Christmas!

Eric and I are just going to hangout at home tonight, fix margaritas, play Jenga, eat the greatest  cheesiest mexican dip int the world and watch the ball drop on TV!
I will post the recipe for the mexican dip tomorrow it is out of this world!!!!

Happy New Year Everyone!!!!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

It's almost 2010....... Oh My!

Sorry I haven't posted in so long, but as you all know the holidays keep you busy! I will post tomorrow with some pictures and adventures from Chrismas!!

If anyone is reading this please follow me or leave me a comment I only have one follower(tear tear). My one follower has one fabulous blog so please visit Pineapple Princess at The Love Shack  she is doing some amazing things over there here is a link 

I hope everyone had a great Christmas! Lots more to come!
peace out the little one just woke up!


Friday, December 18, 2009

Bad Header!!!

Yes I know my header is, well.....UGLY!!!

 I worked on trying to make a header in Photoscape, because my 30 day Photoshop free trial ran out (haha) , so now I am left with the not so great but better than nothing Photoscape to edit everything.
 I am saving up to buy photoshop and I cannot wait until that day, but we have more important things to pay for now, like the light bill.
But anyways, I decided that since I am going to be changing everything after Christmas,  I can live with the ugliness for another week!! 

Later Peeps,

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Our Funky Christmas Cards!

Just a quick post tonight to tell everyone about our cool Christmas Cards! After looking a t 50 million different cards I found the PERFECT one! It is from the super fabulous Oh Bay Bee shop on Etsy, I encourage all of you to go check out her to die for cards and baby items here is a link to her shop . I choose the Funky Merry Christmas Card because it coordinated with our outfits so well! One last thing about our card, I was going to just do a picture of Madison but at the last minute I decided to get over my many insecurities about myself and nicely crop a picture of all 3 of us!

Good night Everyone, were tucking in early ,we have a long Christmas celebration filled weekend!



Okay, so I know I sound like a kid but when I heard last night that there is a good chance that it is going to snow here on Friday and Saturday, I FREAKED OUT !!!! First of all I know that Madi would love it (well hopefully) , but I just really NEED snow to have that "complete" feeling of Christmastime . Now I know what you all, or as we say in North Carolina "Y'all", are thinking well that is dumb, Christmas is not in anyway about snow it is about the birth of Jesus, but for some reason I need to see that beautiful white substance falling from the heavens! Well I had to share my enthusiasm for the possibility of snow but now I must go and unload the dishwasher, dust, clean the bathrooms (yuck), and fold so laundry (major yuck) while my precious little girl is sleeping! Happy day to you! The pictures are from Madi's first snow last year! Wasn't she the cutest little sleeping bundled up little baby! My how time flies by! Megan

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Bit of Randomness!

Well I have about 50 million random things on my mind that i could write about, so I am just going to type what comes to my fingers first ( that made no since, sorry) SO here it goes........ 1. I am watching Rachel Ray right now while Madison is taking her morning nap. I love Rachel Ray and I always tell my husband that I must meet her before I die! I used to say the same thing about going to see the Oprah show but sadly that will never happen since she is ending her show, and yes I CRIED when she made the announcement! my husband thought that I was crazy, but whats new!! 2. As you can tell from # 1 I need to get better about my grammar and punctuation, Sorry! 3. I had the most AMAZING dinner Experience Saturday for my birthday, my mom gave me a gift card to the Melting Pot so Eric and I went ALONE, whoo hoo, first date night since our wedding anniversary on May 10th!! We had never ate there before and it was so neat, here is a link to their site so check it out , it is a fondue restaurant and it is truly an experience. It took us two and a half hours to eat which was great because with Madi when we do eat out we are always in and out in a hurry,I mean come on what 15 month old wants to sit quiet and still in a restaurant for more than 30 min, not my little lady! It was such a great night!!!! I love my husband!!! 4. Can you believe it is almost Christmas I have so much to do, we have my moms side of the family's big Christmas get together this Sunday and we still have to make presents for everyone!! AHHHHHH!!! just playing ,"everything will be perfect" (that is my manta for the next couple weeks) 5. I made the best pasta dish last night with chicken and cheese and tomatoes and lots of other yummy ingredients, by the ultra fab Giada de Laurentis the name of it is "Italian baked chicken and pastina" it is on the food network website !!! I ate 2 large servings and so now I am just going to have to skip lunch today, or maybe i could have some leftovers, Hmmmm? what should a girl who needs to loose 30 lbs. do?? 6.Madison is learning so much these days, she is literally learning something new everyday! About a week ago she started saying "how ya doin" is is so cute and she says it to everyone we pass. Then today she started walking everywhere backwards!!! I love her so much!!!! She is at such a fun age now. (I think that I have said that every month) 7. Everyone should go and take a peek at some of the amazing black and white photos at pioneer Woman's blog, there is a black and white photo contest and the entries are amazing, I entered 2 pictures but I basically have no chance. here is the link the group is on flickr below are my 2 entries. Isn't that little man adorable, here's the story, I was taking pictures of my mom and Madi at a shopping center and this little one asked me to take his picture I wish that I had some way to gives these to his parents because he is a little stud!!! The one of Madi was taken outside of our apt. with her build -a-bear that Eric and I made her when I was pregnant on our honeymoon! Yes, you just read that right, more on the whole story later. By the way if anyone has any editing tips let me know I NEED HELP!!!! More Talk Later, Megan In case you were wondering, I finished this post after lunch and yes I had leftover pasta BUT only a small portion and a nice spinach salad with it! I'm going jogging tonight!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Hello Blog World!

I am so excited to be starting my own adventure in the blog world. I still have a long way to go before I have everything like I want it but I decided that I should go ahead and write my first post, so here it goes........ Well first a little about me, I am a 21 year old mother to a beautiful daughter Madison (Madi for short) and wife to my handsome husband Eric the absolute love of my life. I am in college working towards a BA in Elementary Education and a stay at home mom. I must mention my other baby my sweet and fat cat Tigger who makes our family complete, you will be hearing more about all of us in the many posts to come!!! Besides being a student and mom I am also a photographer not a professional by ANY means. I discovered my passion for photography after I had Madi. Capturing all of those moments that only come once and being able to take yourself back to what was going on then 50 years from now is something that can never be replaced. Even now when I look at pictures of Madi right after we brought her home from the hospital it fills me with so much emotion. I will be posting pictures along with pretty much every post. I am so excited to be able to share photos on this blog and would love any feedback anyone has to offer. I will be posting about a wide variety of things such as, the latest tasty recipes I've discovered ( I love to cook), all of my Etsy wants, photos of family and friends, and anything exciting going in the Tyler home!!! Well that is enough blabbering for one day I will be back tomorrow and maybe you will too!!! Megan