Monday, May 10, 2010

I heart faces entry- celebrating moms

So, I have been reading I heart faces blog for a long time now and admiring all of the absolutely amazing entries they receive week after week. I have NEVER entered though, but today I am because I love this picture of  my 2nd cousin and her adorable little man! I am so glad that I caught her in the background of this picture,  I love the pure joy she is exuding watching her little man goofing around.  I do not expect to win but I just had to enter this one! I was laying on those rocks by the way, not so comfortable, but it was worth it!


My husband treated me to a day of relaxation, no laundry, a trip to Anna's Linens, nice quiet time, no cleaning up cat puke, no changing the cat litter, no dishes, and a wonderful dinner for mothers day/ our 2nd wedding anniversary which is today!  I can not believe we have been married for two years, it seems like just yesterday we were saying our wedding vows! I must say though I think that I love him more now that ever, seeing him be such a wonderful father takes my love for him to a whole new level!
I hope all of you moms had a fantastic Mother's Day!


  1. I am so glad you joined in! : ) This is a great picture. Very cool. And your day of relaxation sounded heavenly. I hope you will join again and again. It is so nice to meet new photographers and see their styles.

    Every beetle is a gazelle in the eyes of its mother. ~Moorish Proverb

  2. Welcome to the fun!! Love seeing the mom in the background!!

  3. Thanks for the sweet comments everyone!

  4. this is a beautiful shot! so glad you captured this sweet moment. you certainly had a wonderful mother's day! woo hoo!

    thank you for your fabulous tips for the kitchen. i appreciate them oh so very much! i definitely need to google the dirty dozen!

  5. This shot is great. I love how the mom is laughing in the background. Makes it so much cooler. And then juxtaposition of the rusted farm equipment (is that what that is?) makes the youth of the boy even more vibrant.



  6. What a sweet picture! That is so cute. :-)