Thursday, April 22, 2010

Last weekend I FINALLY took some pictures of Madi!
I have been busy taking everyone elses pictures (more on that later) and my pitiful sweet girl hadn't been inside my camera for a while.
So with some help from my lovely assistant Eric(he hates when I call him my assistant, so I do it all of the time...haha), Madison took a little trip in her wagon to a nicely lit area at our apartments so I could shoot away.
You see I had this whole "vision" of  her in a cute outfit and bubbles all around, but unfortunatley the big thing of bubbles I bought were spilled and what did they happen to spill on Madis cute outfit. 
Just part of everday life with an almost 20 month old little angel...hehe!
Everything worked out in the end, she still looked cute (of course) and I got some cute pictures of her with just a few bubbles lol. Here are a few of my favorites.
her hair is getting more red the more she is in the sun. It is so fine and curly, which is funny because Eric has the worlds thickest hair and my hair is pretty thick too, but not like it used to be thanks to getting pregnant and the weird changes that come along with that like loosing the wave that you thought you hated in your hair but now you would kill to get that nice bounce back.
 Maybe this is just me ?!
alright moving on now.....

By the way the tutu was $7 at TJMaxx, and a size 4 but hey thats what safety pins are for.
This my most favorite picture of these two together, they were having so much fun!
Notice the one bubble, haha! Madison was dancing like Dewda (dora the explorer)

I'm going to go dance to the Black eyed Peas with my little rockstar! Have a good day everyone!!!

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