Thursday, December 31, 2009

Our Christmas part 1

Let me start by saying we had a wonderful Christmas this year.
Our first get together was the weekend before Christmas at my great-grandparents  house. We have always got together the weekend before to celebrate. We had a great time, except for Madi's meltdown as soon as we walked in the door which was pretty...... well horrible but she got over it after about 30 minutes and was little miss personalitythe rest of the night!
We play dirty santa every year, if you haven't ever played it is a lot of fun for everyone. This year I got a bottle of Duplin Christmas wine yum yum ( it is made a couple hours away here in NC and a longtime family favorite) and a bag of chocolate covered pecans and a bag of toffee popcorn major yum! My husband on the other hand got stuck with a little serving bowl with carolers on it (haha) but it was okay because I shared with him.
Here are a series of  pictures...

                                            Part of the Family playing dirty santa               


                                                   My little Madi Bean looking tired!

Madi's little cousin Garland isn't he Handsome! It is so fun to see them playing together this year, last year they were so little!

Madi's other handsome cousin Hunter!

This is my great-grandpa (papa) and my step-great-grandma, they have only been married 3 years but you can just tell when they look at each other how in love they are! They are the rocks of our family and cute to boot haha!

My little brother Cameron and his sweet girlfriend Taylor. Cameron is a senior this year, I still can't believe it!

My mom and my basically stepdad Will, I don't think they will ever get married but they have been dating for like 7 years! Aren't they a cute couple!

and last but not least, this is a picture of the increibly cute bear that my great aunt Shelly made for Madi! This is by far Eric and I's favorite gift that Madi received this year. Isn't it adorable? Madi just loves it, she hugs it, kisses it, and wraps it up in her blankies!
Shelly made the boys footballs that were just as cute but of course I forgot to take a picture of them!

Lots more to come  from Christmas!

Eric and I are just going to hangout at home tonight, fix margaritas, play Jenga, eat the greatest  cheesiest mexican dip int the world and watch the ball drop on TV!
I will post the recipe for the mexican dip tomorrow it is out of this world!!!!

Happy New Year Everyone!!!!

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