Saturday, February 6, 2010

Cupcakes with my cupcake!

Madisons favorite book is Pinkalicious, I read it AT LEAST 3 times a day!  It is the cutest book about a silly little girl who makes pink cupcakes with her mom and then she turns pink!
So I decided it might be fun to bake some cupcakes with Madi so she could be just like Pinkalicious!  I just used some box mix and icing this time and bought some cute heart shaped strawberry marshmellows to decorate with!
I was kind of worried about how things would go since she is only 17 months but she was able to do alot and she(we) had a great time! 
Here are some pictures,

  She's eating M&M's, talk about sugar overload!

My $50 mixer that I have had for three years!

What can I say, I tried, but failed!
Santa brought Madi her apron and a matching chefs hat, but she wouldn't wear that
We did some coloring while we waited for them to bake, as you can tell she is a pro at getting on the table, my sweet little monkey girl!
This was the only shot I got where she is actually looking at me, little stinker!
Madi ate like half the bag of these marshmellows

Madi kept saying "petty, yum yum" I must say I thought she did a pretty darn good job!

Yeah I'd say that we made a huge mess, but I would clean it up 30 times over again to spend that time with Madi, just more memories that I know I will relive all over again when I see these pictures in the years to come!
 Good Night!


  1. My 3 year old's favorite book is Pinkalicious! Love that book! (And, we have Purplicious & Goldilicious, but Pinkalicious is the best one). Your cupcakes look yummy...I must find some pink heart marshmallows!!

  2. The marshmellows are from Walmart, I spotted them up front while I was waiting in line to pay!