Thursday, February 18, 2010

How sweet it is to be loved by him...

I had great Valentines Day with my little family! Eric and I decided to just give each other cards this year and go out to eat with miss Madi the night before Valentine's Day (didn't want to deal with the huge crowds) .
Eric was so sweet and picked out a card and little stuffed Dora doll for Madi, it was a suprise to me too, man I love him!
When we got up on heart day he told me that if I wanted to I could pick somewhere to go and take pictures, well what was my answer...
lets see................
 I decided I wanted to ride over to Nash county, where we are from, and find some cool old farm houses and stores off of hwy 97 .(middle of nowhere, but so peaceful and beautiful)
Everytime we would go and visit family there I would always say that we needed to go and take pictures one day, but we had just not gotten around to it.
Madi fell asleep about ten minutes after we left and didn't wake up for a hour and a half, it only took us 45 min to get to our first stop, that gave Eric and I some nice conversation time, which is always nice. 

The first place we stopped at was this really quaint old church,( Madison was still sleeping in the car)  I loved how there was still snow around the edges of the church, so pretty!

When I went up to this window to get a picture of the inside I heard a loud crashing sound, it totally FREAKED me out, I ran to the car and told Eric to get out of there! Eric said it was just an animal, but I thought it was a ghosts way of saying you have no business being here so leave! I know that Eric was right, but I have always been that way about "haunted" stuff.
I give everyone who reads this permission to  laugh at me!

This is the only picture I got of the inside of the church...........freaky huh!
Notice how crooked it is, that is because I was running!

I would love to be able to build a house in the back of this field, I think we would stay outside forever if I had that much land!

Cool collapsed barn, I took this from the car as we were driving down the road, so its not that great.

This is the Dam in Rocky Mount, when Eric and I were younger it was the "hangout spot". You can usually go walking on the rocks at the bottom, but between the rain and snow lately the water was really deep.

Eric decided to get out his golf clubs and hit a few balls. He started playing about a year ago and is totally hooked on it now. Personally, I think it is kind of boring  but to each his own. I must say he does look pretty darn cute when he plays, hehe!

so serious

Daddys Little Cheerleader!

These last 2 pictures are from downtown Rocky Mount, I am dying to take pictures of some people at these 2 locations, I think they would make great backgrounds.
Please excuse the bad pictures once again, I took them as we were riding down the road!

I love the brick arches 

After we finished riding around we went and got a nice cup of coffee and headed back home!
We had such a good time together, I was worried that Madison would get tired of riding in the car but she was happy the whole time, plus she got to run around and play at the dam so that helped!
 Another little adventure with my 2 favorite people!
That is all for now, lots later!


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