Friday, July 9, 2010

A New Look!

I have made a lot of changes around here! I was in the process of designing a separate Photography website, but I decided (half way through) that I was going to just use  this blog as my site for the time being. I would rather wait to have a professional design a great website for me, instead of me never being happy with what I cannot can do. So click around and if you have problems with anything or have any suggestions please shoot me an email. 

I must say I am so glad today is Friday and my husband will be home this weekend, the terrible twos are here And we are working on potty training. Although I have been repeatedly telling myself to keep calm, that potty training takes time, lots of accidents, and patience on my part, it has really been stressing me out. This weekend I plan on working on my patience or lack there of.
 What have you been struggling with lately?

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