Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

I cannot remember where I saw my first ten on Tuesday post, but I surely did not come up it. Since once again I forgot to link up to micellany monday yesterday I decided I'd do this today.
Here it goes...
  1. I am soooo excited I have a new pair of running shoes, they are wonderful! I went running last night with them and I swear it felt like I was floating. I have super high arches and really needed shoes with more support. I got these shoes and these insoles.                                                                           Lets hope these babies keep me as motivated to run as I was last night.
  2. I have been taking pictures of everything lately. I bring my camera with me EVERYWHERE now, I have captured so many special moments. I just need to take the time and go through and edit and delete and SHARE them. I think I am going to copy Meg from whatever and do some all picture posts, love those.
  3. We were planning on having Madis 2nd birthday at the "party room" at our apartments. I was very excited because it is right off of the pool, has a nice kitchenette, is right at our apt. and where we live is in the "middle" of all of our family in the state. BUT, when I went to the office to reserve it she told me that the old policy of just giving them a $200 check and they give it back to you if nothing is damaged has now changed to a $200 deposit AND a $200 fee! What!?! I have been searching and searching for a place to have it that does not cost more to rent than what I wanted to spent on the entire party. I am so frustrated and now Eric and I are now leaning toward not having a party and just taking a little trip somewhere just us three for a weekend.
  4. I got Madi an Ariel {The little Mermaid} nightgown on clearance last week and now she is in love with "aral". So yesterday at the mall her papa and nana got her a Ariel doll from the Disney store {aka the childhood paradise}.  She did not let go of her all night, she ate with her , told her a million times " I love you Aral"  and slept with her.  The only problem, Disney does not have the movie out right now and I cant find it anywhere. If anyone knows where you can buy a DVD please let me know.
  5. Okay so I'm going to cheat a little and add some pictures from the past few weeks to finish off my 10 on Tuesday.
 One more picture.......... Our new car! Eric's 92' Mitsubishi mirage finally broke down for good this time, I like to call it "the cockroach" haha, it seriously looks like one. He is now driving my car so I get the new car with all of the fancy features like LATCH which I am very happy about, I feel so much safer with Madi in the car now. After many test drives and weighing pros and cons we went with a 2010 Toyota Rav-4, it is has a lot of room {to us anyways}, but I feel comfortable driving it, I did not want a really big car since I have only driven small cars. One more plus, it is actually pretty darn good on gas.

Happy Tuesday Everyone!


  1. Hi Megan! It's Nicole from Simply Created by Cole! Thank you for your sweet comments! Your little girl is *Adorable* and your pictures are great...I love great photos!

    Have a lovely day!

  2. Found you from Joy's Hope - I take my camera with me too...every.where.I.go.

    Just can't help myself! Loved your list...

  3. Congrats on the new car! We drove our old cars into the ground too- it was so nice to have something new! I just love that doggie show. We have a yellow lab and I don't think I've ever seen him THAT attentive!