Wednesday, August 4, 2010

3 New Pets- Ella, Nella, & Bella

So last night while I was shucking {love that word} nice freshly picked corn to go along with our not so nice dinner of hot dogs, we added three new members to our little family. Meet Ella, Nella and Bella...

Aren't they beautiful, that is what my daughter thinks! She says they are so "cutey" {her newest word}  Growing up around my families farm, they were called earworms or corn earworms, but I am not sure what their real name is, guess I should google them and find out more. I will be sure to update you on any exciting earworm information!
 I do know this, they are one of the most hated insects among corn farmers.

Tigger is very jealous can't you tell! She followed me onto the patio while I took pictures of them and she has knocked the jar off of a table already, luckily they survived! ;)
I promise I have a more exciting post for tomorrow!

*the worms will be getting a new bigger better home today!
**update I started typing this post at 9am yesterday morning and I am just finishing it up, Sad!

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