Thursday, August 12, 2010

Budget friendly, Yummy recipes!

Last week after having my husband very..... hmm.... whats the word.....carefully, yeah I'll stick with that, tell me that he was tired of eating the same things for dinner I went on a hunt for some new recipes.
He most likely said this because for the past four months I have been cooking the same five recipes and having a lot of "whatever" nights.
So where do I go when I need to solve my marital woes, whatever they may be, the internet of course!
After looking through countless recipes that required fancy oils  and/or fifty million different ingredients that I do not have, I believe I hit the jackpot with this collection of budget friendly, yummy, and simple to make dinners.
When I saw a gallery of recipes titled "15 dinners under $1.50" {a serving} I let out a little squeal.
Check out some of the other recipes under different galleries or just other cool stuff on this website
 I did not say these are low calorie recipes, BUT you can cut down on the bad stuff significantly by using low fat or fat free options for a lot of stuff. I also added more fresh veggies to recipes like the Almost Lasagna {that has been my fave so far} I also used whole wheat pasta in that.
Of course being the great bad blogger that I am {ha} I forgot to provide you with a Pioneer Woman style, step-by-step, perfected, photo recipe tutorial.{Whoa, that was a mouthful} Sorry ladies, I am sure you are very upset with me.
Any ways so far I have made the, almost lasagna, salmon cakes, Asian lettuce wraps, the creamy chicken and rotini primavera, and the cheeseburger pie. {which was surprisingly good}
Now ladies will you do me a favor before you go?
 Huh, huh will ya???
Tell me what your favorite recipe on a budget is?


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  2. Okay, I am TOTALLY going to check out that website! Love it!
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